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Create, Vote & Win Real Money

RYYO is a social app where users can create contests, showcase their talent in many categories & vote for the winners.
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Packed with tons of features

RYVO offers a fun and challenging way to showcase and discover talent

Customized Contests

Create entertaining contests, define the rules, target a specific audience and duration

Great Talents

Post high quality pictures to promote your talent, a community, a product or an idea

Vote and Elect

Vote for the best talents, support your favorites and elect the winners of the contests

Making Money

Get rewarded with cash for being one of the winners or by creating popular contests

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Powerful App for Creative People

RYVO is a new and entertaining mobile app where users can create contests, showcase their talent, vote for their favorite picture and get rewarded with real money.

This platform offers users full creative control over the type of contest, the rules and audience they want to target. Allowing users to discover and share contests and pictures on other social platforms increases their chances of success.

Talented content creators, influencers, brands, NGO's or creative aficionados, cannot only create and share content, but also promote an idea or product and win money all in one.

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