Halloween Costume 👻

Dressing up for Halloween is one of the funnest events of the year. No matter your age, gender, or preferences, Halloween costumes allow you to express yourself in the way you want! From Superheroes🦸‍♀️ to Zombies 🧟‍♂️or even provocative outfits. Show us your Halloween costume of 2022 and let the most creative costume win 👻

RYVO is a mobile app where users can showcase and discover talent by creating and participating in fun & challenging photo contests. RYVO allows users to:

• Create entertaining contests, define the rules, target a specific audience and duration.

• Post high quality pictures to promote their talent, a community, a product or an idea.

• Vote for the best talents and elect the winners of the contests.

• Reward talented users with real money and show their support.

RYVO is available on the AppStore.

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